Language Time

Nollie busted out the entire ABC's last night at the supper table with no mistakes (OK maybe she said P when she should have said V, but it was pretty close. Out of nowhere she just started singing and got the whole way through. It was the first time I have heard her do it from beginning to end on her own with no coaching or help. We were so proud! She's also been reciting bits of books lately and singing entire kids songs (like "Twinkle, Twinkle"). She has also started to remember the names of some of our favorite authors. I never thought to tell her who the author was until I was at a Come Read With Me group put on by DV Read & Learn and they suggested it. I think Nollie is going to have a great memory. If she does, I would have to say she gets it from my Grandma Graves, she has the most amazing memory especially for names & dates. I think it must have skipped over me though, I can't remember anything. Sometimes having a crappy memory comes in handy though. I can read the same book over & over and truely not remember what happens.

Luca has been trying to talk like crazy lately, repeating some words that we give her. She is especially motivated if she wants something ie. more milk at supper. Its hard to say if she's saying "milk" or "more" but she's saying something and defianately getting the point across that its milk she wants. Yesterday she was looking at a picture of a ball in a book saying "ball, ball" and I caught her palying with the word wammer (Leapfrog) putting letters in & repeating what it said "o", "i" "mmmmm". Her most used words include: up, no, dog, luca (caca),snack, that, this, dad and of course mama. She runs around all day saying "mama, mama" especially if I am out of her site for a moment.

The greatest thing in the world is watching your children learn, its amazing!


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