Change of Plans

I was just working on a post about making new friends and about scrapbooking and when I read it it sounded like I took my Debbie Downer pill this morning (wah, wah, wah). I decided I didn't want to post something where I was feeling sorry for myself and so I will just post this.

The more you practice the better you will get!

Happy Thoughts


michelle Gidosh said...

i am now going to practice believing I can do anything and not beening a debbie downer. thanks marci and happy belated birthday!

Lindsay said...

I was going to title my post Lindsay Downer (wah wah wahhhhh) yesterday. LOL. I will post your interview q's in the next comment right after I do a quick thing around here. FUN!

Lindsay said...

Here's your interview! Thanks for playing.

1) I really like the name Luca. Where oh where did you find this name? Was there an alternative boy name in case she was a he? Or other girl names in the race til the end? Do tell.

2) What is your absolute favorite feature about the house you guys built? In a world without money constraints, what additional feature would you want in the house? What feature in the house do you think makes running your household easier? ie) smart layout, or where you have the laundry or whathave you.

3) I often marvel at how a person's 20's are all about drastic change. Take yourself for example. Since I've met you, you've lived in Res, by that church where Gretzky got married, on the south side with Jess, house in E, The Original Rancho Relaxo, and now the House that Curt and You Built. You just turned 28. Surely you are done moving for at least 2 years. What other sorts of excitement can we expect from you in your last 2 years of your 20's?

4) The last time I saw Nollie was at V's wedding and Nollie was a little signing star with the more and the milk, and Curt said she could say apple too I think. Did you do signing with Luca? Can Nollie pick up on what Luca is signing, if so? Or does Luca prefer to just scream in protest if she wants something?

5) You are the third person I know who has two kids less than 2 years apart. What do you love about having the girls close together in age? What is something that is really tough about it?

Have fun, take a pass, omit questions, go on tangents as necessary!

Anonymous said...

I can definitley relate to this with all the music related stuff I attempt to do. The things I try to keep in mind are: 1) Hobbies are supposed to be fun. 2) It's not a competition. 3) Look back at where you were when you first started. 4) A quote from my hero Jim Henson "If it was easy, everybody would do it".

Uncle Vic

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