28 Random Things for 28 Years

  1. I have experienced 29 Valentines Day's in 28 years.
  2. I shared my birthday in very early elementary school with another boy in my class (T. M.). I wonder where he is now?
  3. I once owned a chameleon and 2 red eyed tree frogs and they all ate crickets. The thing about crickets is they always seem to get loose. We lived in an apartment and our crickets must have gone over to visit our neighbour. We ran into her in the elevator and she asked if we had any sort of pest problem, she had some sort of bug infestation and had an exterminator by to check it out. "Nope, nothing in ours, no problem here"
  4. I've traveled to Europe once visiting England, The Netherlands, Belgum, & Frace. It was very spontanious and I was there about as quickly as I could get my passport. I had just graduated University and didn't yet have a permenent job. Curt was traveling in England for the summer with a friend and I just decided to join them. I'm glad I went then because who knows when I'll ever get back.
  5. I keep a notebook (or several) on the go at any time. In it I write a medly of random things. Looking at my current one that I started in Jan/07 (I wrote this on the cover) I find my daily to do lists with about half of the things crossed off each day, directions to several locations, phone numbers and notes taken while on the phone, potential properties to buy in DV, travel log & gas mileage from June of 07, a complete list of every time Nollie peed while started IPT, notes from the online job that I did, lots more random stuff. I always try to have diffent sections when I start the book but by the end it is all a big mess and I find myself flipping around to find a blank page to write on.
  6. I am excited to start vermicomposting. I am getting some worms from a friend of mine soon. I hate to see all the organic waste going into the garbage can.
  7. I have to follow instructions, I can't help it. The first thing I do when I get something new is to read the instructions, even the simplest of things. I probably don't need to read the directions on how to put batteries in a toy but I want to make sure I'm not missing anything.
  8. I stop myself from buying things because I look at them and think "I can make that myself". One of two things usually happens. I never get to making it myself or I do make it myself and its not near as nice as I envisioned it would be. Occasionally it does work out though.
  9. I sometimes think that I missed out on learing how to really work with long hair because I had short hair throughout highschool. This is the time when you have time to play around with your hair and when you really care how you look. Now I don't have all the quick tricks to make my hair look nice without having someone else do it.
  10. I think I have the best job in the world. I am thankful every day that I get to stay home with my girls and that Curt works hard to bring the money in. I don't look forward to ever working out of the home again.
  11. I love chocolate, especially dark chocolate. I guess it goes along with the whole Valentines Birthday thing.
  12. I love growing plants from seed. Its so exciting to see the little green spouts come out of the black soil.
  13. My favorite season is spring, so fresh & new, everything is growing, the days are longer and its not so cold.
  14. All the vehicles I have owned have been white. I don't know if I can break the tradition now.
  15. I only really worked for one company after graduating university but while working there I worked in two locations, in over four differnent postions, and the company had two different names.
  16. I basically fainted when I had to give a mouse a needle in the lab. I blacked out and someone caught me. After that we decided it was best if I just took care of the mice and didn't work with the needles
  17. I don't like to take medicine or drugs of any type. I'm not into messing with my body's natural way of things.
  18. My first pet was a dog named George who actually looked quite similar to my current dog Simon.
  19. I believe everything happens for a reason and God doesn't give you any more than you can handle.
  20. I love tulips and roses and orchids and lillies and flowers in general really.
  21. I wish you could buy mix and match shoes like you can bathing suit top & bottoms. My feet are a half size differnet from one another and both shoes never fit right.
  22. I spend more time planning than doing.
  23. I love the sound of a bass guitar.
  24. I'm a morning person.
  25. I love swimming, I should do it more often.
  26. I love the feeling of falling (drop of doom, cliff jumping, etc.) Terrifying yet exhilerating.
  27. I think having a large family was the greatest experience and I couldn't even image anything differnet.
  28. I thank Curt for telling me and showing me that anyone can do anything because once you believe this there is nothing you can't accomplish.
I just looked up at my calendar above my desk and the picture was this. How could they have known that February was my birthday month?
Happy Heart Day!


Anonymous said...

I must tell you how much I enjoy reading your blogs. Its been such a long time since I've seen you, but I feel like I know you and the girls well through your writings. You seem like such a wonderful mom, I must tell you alot of the things you do with your girls is what they teach in early childhood education. I was talking to Ethel (Grandma Graves) this morning, telling her about your blogs and I know she is very proud of you.
Hopefully sometime when we are out visiting at the farm we will get to see you.
Love to you all
Aunt Esther Graves

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