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There is a bit of an interview game being played currently in the blog world. I have signed up to be interviewed by a friend of mine and here are my answers to her questions. You can then be interviewed by me, it's fun trust me.

1) I really like the name Luca. Where oh where did you find this name? Was there an alternative boy name in case she was a he? Or other girl names in the race til the end? Do tell.

Well, when I lived in Edmonton I used to listen to a Luka Simmons on CKUA radio and there's also the song (My name is Luca, I live on the second floor). Actually I just came across it in a baby name book and I liked it, so I added it to my list. I had heard it before but didn't think about it until I read it in the book. Our boy name was Juna and I'm not done having kids yet so if anyone takes it they're dead met, kidding. Other girl names I can't remember but I'm sure there were some. I could probably find them in my notebook I mentioned a couple days ago.

2) What is your absolute favorite feature about the house you guys built? In a world without money constraints, what additional feature would you want in the house? What feature in the house do you think makes running your household easier? ie) smart layout, or where you have the laundry or what have you.

Its hard to say what my favorite feature will be since it is still a work in progress. I think the closet space will be great once I get all my shelfs, closet rods & closet doors in. I'm excited for my decks, front and back, once I get the railing on and don't have to worry about little girls falling off. My yard too, once we get all the garbage cleaned up, grass planted and some gardens started.
If money was not a concern I would want solar panels for electricity purposes in addition to the solar hot water tubes. I know its not really a feature but if money was not an issue I would also have someone else build our house or atleast finish it. I'm tired and I just want it to be done.
The feature that makes running the household easier is having a bungalow. I love that my laundry, bedrooms & living area are all one one level. It saves so much time not having to run up and down the stairs all the time.

3) I often marvel at how a person's 20's are all about drastic change. Take yourself for example. Since I've met you, you've lived in Res, by that church where Gretzky got married, on the south side with Jess, house in E, The Original Rancho Relaxo, and now the House that Curt and You Built. You just turned 28. Surely you are done moving for at least 2 years. What other sorts of excitement can we expect from you in your last 2 years of your 20's?

Gosh, I hope I'm done moving for alot longer than 2 years. In my last 2 years of my 20's I would expect another baby, a finished house and just a whole lot of time with family and friends.

4) The last time I saw Nollie was at V's wedding and Nollie was a little signing star with the more and the milk, and Curt said she could say apple too I think. Did you do signing with Luca? Can Nollie pick up on what Luca is signing, if so? Or does Luca prefer to just scream in protest if she wants something?

We did some signing with Luca too, just the basics, more, please, dog, milk, eat, drink. She has started to leave it behind in favor of talking. Nollie did pick it up again when we used it with Luca and started signing as she spoke just like we did. Luca does prefer to scream instead of signing or talking as a first instinct. We have to remind her to use her words/signs and try hard to not give in when she's just screaming.

5) You are the third person I know who has two kids less than 2 years apart. What do you love about having the girls close together in age? What is something that is really tough about it?

The great part is that you never really get out of the baby phase. You're still used to sleepless nights and carrying someone wherever you go. It's also great that at this age they can play together. I was lucky to be living with my in-laws durring the first year when they both needed so much attention, it made the toughest time a million times easier. The tough part now is they just get clumped together doing the same things. There is not enough of an age gap where I can say Nollie you're older so only you get to do this, Luca is too little. I try to give Nollie some special things to do but for the most part they both partake in the same activities. Really though you just deal with what you get. I will never know what its like to have my first two kids spaced any differently so I can't compare what would be easier or harder. I just know what is and so far its working out pretty good.

There you go. If you wish to be interviewed by me please post a comment saying Interview me and I will send you some questions.


Anonymous said...

I have no blog upon which to be interviewed, but I enjoyed reading your answers and marveled at Lindsay's questions (considering you two don't see each other very often).

Happy Friday! JD

Lindsay said...

Um helloooooo Jessicers. She has a blawwwwg. I READ her often, not see her often. : ) .Thanks for playing Marci!

Anonymous said...

"dead met" ha ha brings back memories
Love Mom

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