I had a great weekend. I got a chance to visit with a lot of my friends and family. Nothing like packing it all into a couple days. I guess now I can be a hermit for a couple months. We spent Friday visiting two of our best couple friends in Edmonton. The fellas went to the Oilers game while the ladies stayed back to tend the children. After the chaos of putting 6 kids to bed we even got to enjoy a game of cards (I love games). Saturday I got to visit my two best girlfriends from Uni. One on bedrest in the hospital awaiting her first baby. We're just hoping that baby will be well enough when he/she comes next week to go home soon after and not have to stay too long in the hospital. Send your prayers her way. Friend number two then came out to check out the new rancho-notso-relaxo. Sat evening was fight night so we all went to G. Lydias & G. Jody's because after a day in the city with your kids why not throw in some extra torture by keeping them up 'till 11:00pm. The UFC fight nights have turned into a bit of a tradition at the Martin House and even the simplest of get togethers is starting to get crazy. I guess that's what happens when you start at a family of 7. We've now doubled to 14. I can't imagine what it will be like in another 10 years.

All of the visiting meant that the shower didn't get completely tiled this weekend. I guess we have one more week of baths only. No big deal, this was much more fun.


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