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I love these cookbooks. I flip through them all the time and probably cook something from one of them 6 nights a week. They continually give me new, quick, easy, delicious meals for supper. They are all much more than a cookbook and are chalked full of cooking and nutritional information. The two Sandi Richard cookbook give you complete meals so you don't have to think about what side dishes will go with the main dish and what veggies you should cook. They also give you a the time it should take to prep and cook the meal so you can flip through and choose a meal based on how much time you have. Crazy Plates has more than just meals adding snacks, baking, & sweets and the recipes all have ridiculously crazy names. I know these authors have more books out there and I look forward to adding them to my collection because they never disappoint.

I've gotten in the habit of planning my week of meals ahead of time, making a big grocery list of everything I will need for those meals and then going for one big shop. One trip to the grocery store is enough for me a week with two girls and then if I need to I can make a quick stop for another couple jugs of milk later in the week. Its so nice when 4:00 rolls around and I know what I'm making for super, I know that all my ingredients are there and my meat is thawed. Planning and seeing the whole week of meals at once I can make sure there's lots of variety, a chicken, a beef, a pork, a fish, a meat free. We try for at least one meat free dish a week and have been pleasantly surprised by the last two "Lentili Chili" & "Jack & the Bean Stack" both from Crazy Plates. I have this idea in my head that because its a vegetarian dish and lacking meat that it won't be as good, but I think they have been some of the best dishes I've made.

There's my tip for today, plan your meals ahead of time. It makes the 4:00 crazies much easier to handle.

Anyway I've been loving these books so much I just thought I would share. Happy cooking.


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