While the Kettle's On

As you likely know I love games, especially board games. I also have little games that I play with myself throughout the day. These are the kinds of things that keep you sane when you are home with two little girls. One of my favorites it to see how much I can get done while the kettle is heating water. I turn the kettle on and then run around like a chicken with its head cut off to see how many things I can put away or clean up before the water is hot and if I'm having tea I have some bonus time while the tea is steeping. This way I can sit down and enjoy a hot beverage guilt free. Just now I gave the kitchen a de-clutter and clean, it looks much better. Not good enough for a picture to post but enough that I can enjoy my tea without running around cleaning things up.


Linda B said...

I love this idea. I also love the image I got of you running around your kitchen like a little kid cleaning up so he can get candy.

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