How many...

With a sick family over the weekend I find myself wondering...

  • How many times have I said "Don't worry honey, let Mommy get a cloth and we'll clean you up?
  • How many times can we watch the monsters movie (Monsters, Inc.)?
  • How many times can I microwave my coffee before I get to finish drinking it?
  • How many more loads of "sick" laundry?
  • How much time can I spend on the internet? (with everyone else moving slow I found myself glued to my computer chair)
  • How many more days will this last?
  • How many times can we watch 4 Square
  • How many beads are all over my floor? (not related to the sickness)
  • How many times can I wash my hands in a day?
  • How much lotion have I gone through? (Dry hands from the washing)
  • How have I been so lucky to not get sick yet?

Hope it all passes soon.


Marilyn said...

Grandma says hi. I think we need to get the webcams set up so I can see the girls - I really do miss them. But it is nice to be able to clean up and have it stay that way. I hope everyone feels better soon. I'll bet you're glad to not have rug to mop up too. Grandpa had a cold but no flu. Lots of others I have been around have the stomach flu and I too have been lucky so far. It's just waiting until I have something important to go to.

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