List for 2009

I love list, I make lists everyday. What I need to buy, what I want, what I plan to get done what is left to do on the house. I think this is my first time however making a New Years List that I actually write down. Here are a few items on my 2009 List.

  1. Finish the house
  2. Spend less time working on the house
  3. Take more photos
  4. Take better photos
  5. Organize belongings
  6. Sell/Get rid of excess stuff
  7. Plant a big garden
  8. Get some landscaping done
  9. Enjoy morning coffees on the deck
  10. Play more piano
  11. Sew more
  12. Start knitting
  13. Be on time
  14. Scrapbook
  15. Give more
  16. Blog more
  17. Take a summer vacation
  18. More family fun time
  19. Go the year without Satellite TV
  20. Spend less time in the van
  21. Sell an item on


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