I made some scones fore breakfast yesterday...
and of course I had some help. The littlest of my little girls was up on the counter to assist me. After I confiscated everything fun from her (eggs, measuring cup of milk, mixed dry ingredients that she was scooping onto the counter) she settled on just putting Craisins into a measuring cup and eating them. This kept her busy while I finished up the mixing. Then out of the corner of my eye I caught her dump the cup that she had filled with Crasins into the flour container. Now really, why would you fill up a scoop if you couldn't dump it out, isn't the dumping the best part. No worries, a quick sift & I had the Craisins all out. I should have made a cake with all that nicely sifted flour.
The recepie called for orange zest and the only oranges I had were manderine oranges and just so you know they don't zest well (I had to try). Instead I opted for lemon zest alowing me to use up one of the lemons from the giant bag I bought.

Side Story: A couple of weeks ago I was having a bad day. The girls had been sick & I had been stuck in the house for most of the week. Since everyone was feeling a little bit better I was going to head to town for a necessities grocery trip. First my van wouldn't start (it wasn't even cold outside). Thankfully we bought a trickle charger that you can boost from so with the girls already strapped in I was able to get the van going. I went to back up and got stuck in my driveway. Agh, it makes me mad just thinking about it. I struggled with getting out for a while before a nice couple stopped by to help me. I was then on my way and completely flustered and so I made some ridiculous purchases at the grocery store, one being a giant bag of lemons. I didn't even need one lemon but that big bag full of brightly coloured fruit just looked so good. I guess I needed something to brighten my day.

Oh, the scones turned out great. Mmmmmmm.


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