Things I was Reminded of in Jasper

How much you have to pack to go away for the weekend
How beautiful the mountains are
I ride goofy, that's right foot forward
Snowboarding is like riding a bike, you don't forget
The snow is much nicer in the trees
The hill was much steeper in those trees
Somersaulting down the hill is not so bad
If you're not falling you're not trying hard enough
The importance of making a meeting point when on the hill
How cell phones are a good thing when you lose your group
To plug in your phone at night even if it looks like its fully charged
How good it feels to be outside in the sunshine all day working your body
Its OK to slide down on your butt when you're too chicken to ride
Snowboard boots are not easy to get off when you're having a foot cramp
The burn you feel at the end of snowboarding all day
A drink (or two) in the chalet after a day on the hill is amazing
Drinking all night does not make you feel like snowboarding all day
That its OK to take a day to just putz around Jasper because you're in no condition to board
That I'm too cheap to go shopping in Jasper
How good a latte from a coffee shop can be
The best way to stiffen up is to sit for 4 hours
How your kids can look like they grew & changed after only a couple days
How needy the girls can be after time away from mom
How much there is to clean up and put away after being away for the weekend
That vacations are a good thing


Anonymous said...

Good that you got away for a couple of days.


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