The Story of My Scarf


I've been wearing this scarf all the time lately. I'll put it on to go outside and then just not take it off. This scarf is the one and only knitting project that I've ever taken on, it took me 3 years to complete. Over 5 years ago (not sure when exactly) I decided I wanted to knit. I bought some yarn and needles and printed some basic knitting instructions off a website. I didn't have a pattern but instead just started to knit. I felt like I was getting nowhere, I would knit & knit but the scarf wasn't getting any longer. Eventually I just put it down & didn't pick it back up for about a year. This is when I decided the scarf was much too wide (I was practically knitting a blanket). I took it all apart & started again this time less like a blanket & more like a scarf. Now I'm not much of a finisher so at some point I put the knitting down again. I did finish the scarf however it was three years after I originally started it. I have not even tried to knit anything following that.

I'm now getting the knitting bug again and I've bought some more yarn, got a knitting book from the library and have a pattern picked out. I plan to get started this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes. Hopefully it doesn't take a long as the last one.


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