Without The Web

Our internet air card died last week and I have spent the last week without my favorite addiction. I was nervous but it was actually no problem at all. Knowing the internet was not there I did not feel the pull to just check one thing and then get stuck staring at the screen looking at all the cool things I could be doing but not actually doing them. I'm not sure exactly what I did in the last week. Work on the house? Nope. Spring cleaning? Nope. My sewing machine did make a few appearances on my kitchen table and I managed to finish this cute little apron for Nollie. Of course we had to make a batch of cookies as soon as it was done to test it out.
I'm glad to be back online and excited to keep crafting.


grandma B said...

Nollie looks so much older than 2 and 1/2 ("years old"). Grandpa and I are relaxing after a day of golf and the downtown market. We are not looking forward to coming home to cold weather but we will be happy to see everyone again.

Lindsay said...

That is a very cute apron!

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