Siding Update

We've nearly finished the siding now. I think Curt said there are 19 rows left on the East wall. Curt has gone back to work this week so we are back to working only evenings & weekends. We should hopefully finish up the siding this weekend. We are both exhausted, more Curt than me I'm sure, since he was outside working more than me. Its alot of work going every day like that. Curt felt like he was sleeping in each day by getting up at 7:30 rather than 5:30 but with Kyle here there wasn't much sitting around in the am. They worked 8-5 or 6 every day and most days it was below zero until close to lunch time. Working outside in the cold is not fun, I generally just got misserable being out there when it was cold. If I wore my rubber boots I felt like I was walking on ice and if I wore my shoes my feet got wet & cold. Once my feet were cold my whole body was cold and I got grouchy. If I rememberd to put an extra layer on I was usually ok but since it is March and not December it wasn't my first instict to layer up. I would have to say that siding in March is not ideal. It would have been much easier if it was 25'C outside and dry around the house but we just want to reach that magic 97% done and it will be a great to cross this big one off the list.

It was a treat to have Curt home for the two weeks, I know the girls really enjoyed it. Every time the door would open Luca would say "Dada?" Nice to see him in the morning and at lunch.

This week I have to catch up on all the things that were left undone. Yesterday was a huge grocery shoping trip, and today is the house. I have the task of finding my house under the mess that was created. I was either busy trying to help of I figured why bother, another round of mud is just going to come into the house in a couple hours. Today is the day to get the mud out and get it all cleaned up.

I'll post a picture of the front later today.


Shania Fargo said...

Mm, working in the cold is no fun at all. On the bright side, it can be a great motivator to help finish up the siding, no? All the effort it took in finishing the siding makes the completion of the task much sweeter. Of course, taking a few breaks is nice as well.

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