I am thinking I need a new bag solution. I left the house the other day with my girls myself and bags. I had the diaper bag, the snack bag, an extra bag containing library books and outgoing mail and the stack of empty cloth grocery bags to be returned to the van. All those bags and I forgot just one more... my purse. I had my big weekly grocery trip planned for the day and no money. I really didn't want to have to drive home to get my purse and then back to town, it would have wasted a half hour driving time and then we would have to have lunch at home before returning and I would be grocery shopping during nap time and the shopping trip would be even less enjoyable. Thankfully Curt works in town so I was able to go get some money from him. I get so frustrated when I forget things or can't find things and it seems to be happening alot lately. I need to get everything organized!

I think I need to start carting less things back & forth to the van. I don't know about the whole diaper bag. Right now it holds a spair outfit for Nollie and a diaper & outfit for Luca at the least. Maybe I should just keep this in the van and save myself packing it back & forth every trip because generally it doesn't even get touched. Sometimes, however I need to pack more diapers and extra panties & pants for Nollie if we're going for a long day out or PJ's if it will be a late night. What would I do if the bag was in the van and I needed extras? I've started using a seperate snack bag wich includes a Nollie & Luca's water bottles and a snack. I could put this into the diaper bag (I used to) but I don't really need to bring the whole diaper bag into play group any more for diapers or changing clothes so if we have a seperate bag I can leave the daiper bag in the van and only get it if the need arises and bring the snack bag inside. Usually I get Nollie to carry the snack bag anyway. My purse is just a small little thing right now, big enough to hold my wallet and that's it. Now my wallet is a bit of a monstrosity holding all the cards that I really don't use but maybe I will, however that's another story. I kinda like the small purse right now because it keeps me from carrying extra stuff that I don't need. My purse gets hung on the hanger with my coat so I generally don't forget it. I then have a pile of stuff that doesn't fit into any other bag but needs to come with me so I grab another cloth tote bag and fill it with outgoing mail, library books to be returned, movies to be returned, my coffee cup or water bottle etc. So on a simple trip I'm leaving the house with four bags. Oh don't forget the camera. If anything eventfull may happen I also cart the camera bag/box. I don't pick up the camera the whole trip and then I cart it back into the house. Seems a bit ridiculous. I know Curt would be quick to tell me it is. Maybe If I started using a bigger purse I would have room for more odds & ends like outgoing mail or snacks. Perhaps this means I need to buy a new bag, the perfect bag, or make one, with new fabric and a new pattern. Oh no, I think rather than organizing I may be shopping.


Linda B said...

my system is by no means fool proof but I keep my wallet in my coat with my car keys. So I can't drive without my wallet. (but the summer gets a little tougher if its too hot for a coat) I keep a stashed bag o diapers and wipes in the trunk and I try to keep a bag of old clothes in the trunk for spares if I forget the diaper bag. I try to stock The diaper bag as well as my car with extra snacks in case I forget the snack bag. And the diaper bag stays in the car except if the weather is too cold for the wipes. But as for the mail, I don't know. And I constantly forget my grocery store bags. So much for recycling

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