We've Got Worms!

I got our worms today for our vermicompost and I'm so excited. I started with your basic Rubbermaid Tote, not too deep since the red wigglers are surface dwellers. I washed it out since the bin was in my basement and I have no idea what all has been in it. I drilled holes all over it with the smallest bit I could find in our house. Holes on the bottom for drainage and on the top & sides for aeration. In theory the worms could probably fit through the holes but it is in there best interest not to so I doubt they really will. I put the bin on a lid from another bin to catch any moisture that leaks out. For bedding I choose shredded newspaper since I happen to have a pile of it right now. I ripped the newspaper in to shreds, soaked it in water and then rung it out so it wasn't too wet. The worms need a damp environment to live. I then put in some fruit & veggie scraps and put the worms ontop. I covered them up with dry shredded paper and put the lid on. Done. My intention is to get a stacking system going so that when the worms have been working away for a while and have a good amout of castings I will remove the dry paper and put second bin with large holes in the bottom of it right inside the first one and start feeding the top bin. Eventually the worms will all work their way up to where the fresh food is and I can use my fertile compost from the bottom bin without removing all the worms. I'll let you know how it all goes.


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