Half Way There

We have now completed over half of the siding. I shouldn't say we since I haven't been much help outside. These two girls of mine sure take a lot of time, energy & attention. When I did try to get outside I spent more time getting the girls all dressed up in their outside spring attire (mud pants, boots, coat, possibly mitts & toque depending on the temp) and then undressing them and cleaning the mud off any exposed parts when we came inside than I did helping the guys. My prissy little girls did not like having mud on their hands and needed their hands cleaned promptly when they realized they were dirty. I think they will come around to playing in the mud, they better because that will be their outside life for this spring.

I did get a couple days outside to assist thanks to each Grandma for taking a day to watch the girls. It has been great to have Kyle here helping Curt, well worth the money. This is definitely a two man job and we would barely be started if he wasn't here. Plus we've learned a few building tricks from him so that's a bonus.

The mud hasn't been much fun to work in, we are all carrying an extra 10Lbs on each foot and everything is covered in mud. The dump of snow yesterday really didn't help either. It was just starting to dry up around the house and now it is mud city once again.


Lindsay said...

Marci, your house looks great! Ewwww mud. I forget that's what comes after snow. Thanks for the book recommendation - I love the topic of personal finance.

Anonymous said...

Looks good!


michelle said...

got to love the new house mud... i was sure glad when we put the grass that took 3 weeks to grow in in the spring. it was a lifesaver or mudsaver if you will.... the house looks great!

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