Siding / Anniversary Wishes

Today we start back to work on the house. The Siding has been delivered and Curt has the next 2 weeks off work to put it up. We have a helper coming out since siding isn't really a one man job especially the fiber cement board that we're using and I have to tend to the girls and can't be out helping the whole time. Having a paid helper will keep us working, no lazy mornings and late starts with lots of breaks, its back to the grind. I'm excited to see some progress again, especially something big and visual like siding however I don't really want to do the work. Right now I feel like a kid and in my head I'm saying "I don't wana go to work" I'm sure once we get going I'll be OK. Every project we finish gets us one step closer to done.

Happy Anniversary to my Mom & Dad today!
Look at all you've made.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Marci

We're pretty darned proud of what we've made!

Love Mom

Lindsay said...

What a lovely family and the dog is cuuuuuute. The children will have to share the limelight for once. Anyway Facebook has so infiltrated my life I was putting my mouse over pictures expecting the names of people to pop up. Gahhhhhh! Good luck with the siding.

Linda B said...

Is the infamous earth tone family photo that Curt still grumbles about?
Can't wait to see the house again. 97% done here we come $

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