Can you believe that it's almost December, wow! We've been so lucky this far to not have any cold weather or snow. We are still waiting for a few parts for our solar hot water/heating system and currently using a space heater to keep the house warm. I'm not sure how well this would all work if it dipped down to -30'. When the rest of our system gets here & we get it hooked up we have to get up onto the roof to put the solar tubes in place and I really don't want to do that with ice & snow on the roof so hopefully the weather can continue. Every nice sunny day we just think about how much free hot water/heat we could be creating if we had the solar system complete. Hopefully it all works well.

Our week of working on the house went well. We spent 5 days installing hard wood flooring, and we now have all of the vanities installed, tiling complete & two toilets installed. The toilet is such a treat, don't take yours forgranted. Grandpa Sandy has nearly got all the finishing electrical done and we have lights in the house. It is looking so complete. My appliances are there and I have the girl's new bunk bed set up in their room. We will install kitchen cabinets this week & weekend and if we get the parts we are waiting for do the heating system next week. I'm hoping for a move in date of December 6th but I guess I shouldn't hold my breath until I see the items we are waiting for arive & I know the heating system all works.

The girls are enjoying the new house & run and giggle from one end of the house to the other. Nollie is relived to have flooring because now she can run around without socks or shoes on. This girl is forever kicking her socks off.

I can't wait to move in. I am going to stay at home for a month. I guess I better stock up on lots of groceries.

This is how I get Luca to sleep at the house. Throw her in the back pack & keep working.


Anonymous said...

Looks awesome! Cannot believe how BIG Luca is getting, love jess

Linda B said...

Andre and I had a good chuckle at the sleeping Luca Picture. I totally believe it. I can't believe your progress. Last time we saw the house we were framing walls. Well done.

Anonymous said...

The house looks soooo good Marci and Curt. I will cross my fingers for a December move in as well.

Love, Jessica

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