More Junk

Why is it that so many of my boxes say "More Junk" Where's the good stuff? It's probably true, I bet each of the boxes with these words are full of things that I don't much care about and don't know what to do with. Oh, this is going to be fun to sort through it all. I've been taking a full van load with me to the house every day for the last week or so and I think I've now moved all of the boxes from the garage (still lots of furniture & miscellaneous stuff in there.) I'm sticking to opening the "kitchen" boxes, they sound more exciting to me than "yet another junk box". All of these treasures I haven't seen for 15 months, almost forgot what I had.

Curt has taken this week off again for more work on the house. Our kitchen cabinets are now in. The kitchen looks so great, I'm really happy with it so far, I can't wait to see how it looks with the countertops too. We finally got the tanks that we were waiting for for our hot water/heating system and we hope to get it all hooked up in the next few days, it's pretty complex though so it may take a while. There is a chance that we could be living there next week. What, how did that happen? The day always seemed so far away. The house is still far from done. There are no countertops, sinks, interior doors, closet rods or shelves, showers let alone trim but there will be heat, hot water, we have toilets and a bathtub with running water. It will be so much easier on the girls not to have to get up and go to the house first thing in the morning and then pack up and go back to go to sleep late at night when they should already be in bed. We should be able to get more done if we're there all the time. However I've been warned that the work comes to a halt once you move in. I don't know, I want to see how it will look finished and Curt is a finisher so I'm sure we'll still keep truking for a while. I'm getting excited, (and tired.)

Tomorrow I'll take another load of "more junk" to the house. There has got to be a box that says "awesome stuff that you must see right now" I'll keep looking for it.


Anonymous said...

Way to go guys!! Looks like you're on the home stretch!

And it may be junk, but its your junk...every box will be an adventure!



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