Flowers, Not in My House


I've been babysitting some plants for the last couple weeks.  They were flowering plants that were just about ready to bloom when I got them.  I would get to enjoy the flowers while they were living at my house, or so I thought.  Getting these plants made me remember that I had two pots of bulbs that I had forgotten from last spring and new plants were starting to poke through the dirt.  Four pots in my kitchen growing and blooming.  All of this organic life just had me feeling giddy.  I love to see plants grow and flowers bloom, it was wonderful, just what you need in dreary January.   I started thinking to myself, "I will have to get some more spring potted plants", "I should keep flowers in my house all the time", "I love spring", "I love new plants".  Then it happened, and all the fun was over. Curt's allergies kicked in.  I knew it was coming, I even apologized the week before to him for what was coming.  Curt's allergies are not just a runny nose, itchy eyes, although I'm sure that's part of it, he gets irritable, grouchy, snappy and everyone pays.  Finally he said the flowers have to go and I agreed, I wanted regular Curt back.  "You can have flowers outside."  Boo for me!  So I cut the big perfectly blooming flowers off and threw them outside.  Then I moved all the flowering plants to the basement window to live with the forgotten pumpkins, dead flies and rotting tomatoes.  So sad.

Maybe I could get some pictures of flowers to put up in my house since looking at the snow on the ground I know it is still a long wait before I can enjoy some outdoor flowers.


Lindsay said...

I think the picture idea is excellent.

maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Pictures sound like a good solution; too bad there aren't hypo-allergenic flowers.

Thanks for entering my giveaway =)

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