Today I am thankful
  • Thankful for my LIFE.
  • Thankful for an able BODY.
  • Thankful for 3 wonderful PREGNANCIES and 3 easy LABOURS that gave me 3 HEALTHY BABIES.
  • Thankful for THREE KIDS to drive me CRAZY.
  • Thankful to be able to STAY HOME with my kids every day.
  • Thankful for my PATIENCE to help me get through the day.
  • Thankful for a HUSBAND that is home every night.
  • Thankful for the JOB that keeps my husband every day.
  • Thankful to live so close to my EXTENDED FAMILIES.
  • Thankful for HOLIDAYS that allow us to get together.
  • Thankful to HAVE that mountain of CLOTHES that I have to wash.
  • Thankful to have pantries & freezers full of FOOD for our bellies.
  • Thankful to be able to AFFORD more food.
  • Thankful for a MOSTLY FINISHED HOUSE to keep us warm.
  • Thankful for the beautiful VIEWS out our windows.
  • Thankful for the annoying CAT that eats the mice.
  • Thankful for a DOG that barks all night to keep the deer from eating my garden.
  • Thankful for TWO vehicles to get us where we need to go.
  • Thankful for a GARAGE to keep our vehicles.
  • Thankful for a SHOP full of TOOLS to build.
  • Thankful to OWN all the THINGS that clutter our house.
  • Thankful for the ability TO LEARN.
  • Thankful for the opportunity to CREATE.
  • Thankful for FRIENDS to visit with.
  • Thankful to be with my girls EVERY DAY and NIGHT.
  • Thankful for the CHOICES I made to allow me this life.
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