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I've updated my poll finally. How often do you wash your kitchen floor? For me I intend to do it once a week as part of my weekly cleaning but lately it has not turned out that way. I've been putting it off each time and soon it is visibly quite dirty. It won't be long before Nollie is crawling around on the floor. I guess at that point I will have to kick it up a notch. That's the procrastinator in me, don't do it unit you have to.

Here are the results to the last poll. More tea drinkers than coffee. That was surprising to me.

Hot Drinks
Would you rather...
Coffee (4) 25%
Tea (6) 38%
Hot Chocolate (5) 31%
Other (0) 0%


Anonymous said...

Mine did not work , i posted "other" and chose hot lemonade!!! MMMMMMMM just normal lemonade juice powder in hot water, tastes like Neocitran...but better.xoxoxo
love aunty courtney

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