After a month of thinking that we would be stuck in Provost fo Christmas we have been informed that we will be able to go home after all. Thanks to Rick for taking Curt's oncall over Christmas. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday time of the year. The food, games, and most importantly the family. The thought of not being able to go home really bumed me out, along with a few other people I'm sure. I'm looking forward to a whole week of family fun.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marcy
My Mom(Aunt Esther) sent me your e-mail photos of Nollie. She is the cutest little princess. I'm sure there is no shortage of love for her with your big family, and I hear Courtney will be giving her a cousin to play with. I know how you felt about Christmas. I am in the same situation this year. Duane is on call so we are in Prince Albert this year for Christmas. Have a great Christmas.
p.s. this is a great way to keep your family and friends up to date with your lives.

Anonymous said...

We are all so thrilled that you Curtis and our favorite little girl will be out for Christmas, it just wouldn't have been the same without you,
Love aunty Courtney

Anonymous said...

I am really excited now - it will be so nice to have our little Christmas present with us (Nollie of course). I can hardly wait to see her eyes light up when she sees the Christmas tree. We will make sure it is well attached to a wall!Let us know when you figure out the schedule - fitting everyone in will be hard. We will do our best to be patient (maybe).
Grandma B.

Anonymous said...

Glad you get to go home for Christmas. It's my favorite time of the year too, and I couldn't imagine spending it without my family.

Aunty Shelby said...

I'm sooooo glad that you guys are coming out for christmas now. Say thank you to...Rick for taking Curtis' on call shifts. And i can't wait to see you guys when you come out. Sned my love to Nollie and Curtis

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