Cats vs Dogs

When we first moved here to the ranch we acquired about 10 cats. This seemed a bit much for us but they mostly stayed in and around the barn, besides we couldn't possibly have any mice with 10+ cats. This summer we got two dogs, Simon as a puppy first and he was fine with the cats because they were about the same size as him and he was a little intimidated by their hissing at him. Later we got Rufus at about a year old he was much more rambunctious and loved to chase anything that moved. Well Rufus chased all the cats away. Now we don't want to get any mice so recently we picked up a couple of kittens. We've been keeping the cats in the garage to keep them separate from Rufus and let them get used to us. Rufus knows that they are in there and is going absolutely nuts. He's whining all the time and looking through the windows of the garage. The time has come now to introduce the two animals and I don't know if there is any good way. I asked at the vet office and they don't have much for suggestions. I guess we'll just try a little at a time with Rufus on a leash so he doesn't get out of control. I don't think I'll do it until Curt is home. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

there's just not enough excitement on the ranch with you, curt, nollie and two dogs? i can only imagine how bonkers rufus must be going at thought of kittens (yum) in the house. good luck! my only suggestion would be having inside cats and outside dogs....

Quinn said...

Hey i saw on t.v that you can do this if there on a leash and when ever he gets nervous or starts to act crazy tug on the leash imidiatly eventualy he can learn. The guy said do this a little bit every day and he weill learn soon enough.Dont ask why i was watching this i dont know either.

P.S. Since your this big writer on you blogging site maybe you can help me with a question that has been bugging me. What does a red herring mean? I read it in a book (yah its amazeing i read) and i think it means a fake or fraud.
The sites looking good.
love your little bro

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