Feeling inside Nollie's mouth on Sunday I noticed something poking out. Her two front teeth on the bottom are trying to work their way out. Everyone I tell this to says "ouch" about me not her. I do however intend to continue breastfeeding. There are tons of mothers out there who have breastfed long past teeth and not had their nipple bit off. Hopefully I can be one of them.

Nollie in the Jungle
This is a cute little toy that I borrowed from my play group.


san said...

oh, how i remember ... good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

man that is one cute smiley photo of nollie, good luck with watching out for the bites.


michelle said...

all nipples intact...mother of three here....good for you on continuing will breastfeeding....an amazing gift for you and nollie....okay a little mushy i know...i weaned rory yesterday...six years of nursing and pregnancy ....all done...feeling a little mourning...but lucky to have experience it all...

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