High Chair


We started putting Nollie in the Highchair lately. She enjoys being up at the same level as us when we're eating or working in the kitchen.

She looks so small against the big chair.


Anonymous said...

Cute! JD

Anonymous said...

im sure Nollie is so proud to be sitting in her big girl chair.........she looks so sweet.
aunty courtney

Anonymous said...

Nollie is growing up so fast. It's just amazing. I'm going to need a grandma fix again soon!!! I have been having fun shopping though. I discovered that Extra Foods had their Hallowe'en costumes on for half of half price. I only bought two - a cute dinsoaur jacket complete with tail and spikes for 2.50 and a witches dress with hat and sparkles for 2. If nothing else, they will be fun for dress up but you can't even buy the material for that price. She will be so cute in them.
Grandma B.

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