I'm very excited to have started sewing again. I spent all last week cleaning up the basement and setting up a sewing area. Late last week I received the fabric I ordered online. I spent some time yesterday sewing Curt a shirt, I'm almost finished. Curt is happy because I was able to make the shirt longer for him. Most shirts that we buy are too short. I love sewing so much and I seem to forget until I sit down and get started. I would love to take a course to help me with tayloring clothing to fit properly, there's nothing around here but maybe I can take a trip to the city some time to take one. For now I will just keep practicing and see what I can figure out on my own. I've also ordered some pattern magazines filled with the cutest kids clothing. They are coming from Finland. You can check them out at I can't wait for them to arive so I can try making Nollie something really cute. Maybe someday I can make her and her dolls matching clothing like my mom did for me.


Anonymous said...

I had clothes that matched my dolls too! Even a Halloween costume or two. Do you think it was an 80's thing?

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