Back From The Sun

We returned from our first family holiday in two years a week and a half ago and it has taken me this long to post because I was having a hard time getting out of holiday mode. 

We spent just over a week at Mama & Papa Buchan's Condo in Sicamous, BC, it was glorious.  The weather was a nice sunny 25 nearly every day with a couple 30 days near the end.  30's are a bit hot for me but with a pool close by, air conditioning, ice water and lots of frozen treats I handled them just fine.  We invited some friends of ours to come stay with us and I'm happy to report that after the week we are all still friends, it went very well.  It was so nice to have the company for both the adults and the kids.  As soon as we left the condo to drive home Nollie was asking when are we going back to see A & T?  I think they all had lots of fun together.  The condo was really a great environment for the kids.  The building is a u-shape and all the patios open onto a central courtyard, we were on the main level so the kids could just go out the back door and play on the nice grassy area.  There were lots of kids in the building and they would all just meet in the courtyard and play together.  With 5 kids under 5 plannings outings became a bit of a challenge but we just went with the flow.  We enjoyed a few trips out on the boat, time at the beach, walks to the grocery store, a small kid friendly hike to see a waterfall, a trip to Enchanted Forest, lots of time in the pool.  We celebrated two birthdays, Curt's 29th and Nollie's 3rd (OMG). We ate lots of fruit & ice cream, the boys did some golfing, Curt & Linda went on a high ropes course, I did some reading and on top of all that we just generally relaxed and had a great vacation, with no thoughts of the house back home.  We enjoyed it all so much that we hope to go back in September, this vacation thing is good!

Here are some pics


Anonymous said...

loved the pics! happy to hear the vay-cay was well enjoyed by all of you. Makes me so excited to get out with R. next summer! Love, V.

Anonymous said...

When did Luca get so grown up??

Also - that photo on the top of your family, Curt's grin looks exactly like Nollie's grin in the photo where she's holding Luca as a baby. Incredible.

Hope I get to see you guys on Saturday, JD.

Anonymous said...

Glad you guys got some vacation time. I am looking at the pictures thinking Luca looks so big. When did her hair grow? I guess we need to get together soon. What are you doing the long weekend? Zach and I could come for a visit while Murray is a way.


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