End of Summer Randoms

Well summer flew by, I can't believe there is only a little over a week left of September. 

Since my last post....

We spent the first week of September at the Buchan Condo in Sicamous.  We enjoyed a relaxing time of reading and putting our feet up.  The girls enjoyed swimming every day in the pool.  We got out on the boat a couple times and enjoyed being the only boat on all of Mara Lake.  Nollie loved being out on the boat and riding on the tube.  This excites Curt because he can see 10 years into his future when his kids want to be out boating and riding as much as he does.


We said farewell to my sister Shelby as she took off to travel Australia with a friend of hers.  I'm sure she is having a fantastic time and we will see her when she returns next spring.

Curtis & I also celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary, OK, so we didn't really celebrate, we poured the cement pad for our shop that day and if it wasn't for calls from family we may have forgotten on the actual day.  We knew it was coming, I guess we're just not so good at staying on top of what calender day it is.

Baby #3 is growing well and kicks me all the time.  I'm 28 weeks now, 3 months to go.

The girls are fun, fun, fun.  Nollie started asking why to everything and I'm sure it was on her 3rd birthday that it started.  Luca started the why's shortly after so I have two girls that just question everything.  They are just learning, learning, learning.  They have both been enjoying riding around on their bikes and they both want to get outside even more now that they have figured them out.  Nollie has also figured out the teeder-totter on the swing set and gets it just rockin'.  It's great because both Nollie & Luca can get on and they don't need me to come push them every two minutes like on the swings.  They play together really well most of the time.  They have their spats but they also have times where they nicely use manners or techniques they've been taught to sort things out on their own.

My garden has been good to me, we've enjoyed the lettuce, onions, potatos, zuccini, beats, beans, peas and tomatos.  My strawberries have been producing but the grasshoppers get to them quicker than I can.  I've mad a couple batches of tomato sauce already and it has been fantastic.  There are still alot of green tomatos on the plants so as long as they don't freeze I will have quite a few more batches to make.

The Saskatoons, both wild and tame were plentiful this year and so I picked and froze, picked & ate, picked & froze, picked & ate.  We have tonns of wild bushes on our land but they are still young, in a couple of years they will be good producers, that and the 10 tame ones I planted this year.  I love saskatoons!

House Update
We covered the decks and put up railings on them so they are now usable & I don't have to worry about kids falling off and breaking their neck anymore.  I still have to paint the railings, maybe next week I can tackle that.

We built proper stairs off each deck, also a bonus since I no longer have to assist the girls in getting down the front stairs.

We finished the parging on the exterior of the house (the area just below the siding)

We have the cement pad poured for our shop and plan to push up the shop next weekend, hopefully.  The pad has been a great riding arena for the girls on their bikes in the mean time, they have both greatly improved their bike riding skills since we put it in.

Other than that we've just been living life, making our messes & cleaning them up.


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