Water, Water Everywhere


Snow melts into water.... and lots of snow melts into lots of water. 

Our yard has officially been taken over by water.  We like to joke that we have a moat but honestly at this point its not quite funny to me, more like a little nerve racking.  We've been watching the pond grow as the snow and ice melted this last week and then the rest of the snow started melting and just staying where it was forming more puddles.  Finally the puddles and pond have all joined to form one big lake.  Here's the view off our deck this morning

and this

Here shows just how how close the water is to our house

and how far it goes

And when we woke up this morning we found that the pool forming on one side of our driveway had now started running over the driveway

The water is flowing away but just not quickly enough and there are places that have yet to melt that are blocking the water from flowing properly.  I hope that the next couple sunny day are enough to thaw the culvert and get the water running through and that the water starts flowing away a little faster.  I also hope that the sun doesn't just melt more snow off the surrounding hills to add to our lakes.

Happy Spring to you!
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