Halloween Fun

Another Halloween over and our house is full of candy. 
I am not complaining, I love the candy!
Thankfully Waverly isn't old enough to notice me eating her stash.
We had alot of fun this Halloween Season

Aunty Shelby had us over to Mom & Dad's for the girls to paint pumpkins one night

Of course we carved some pumpkins at home.

For Homeschool on Halloween we did a bunch of fun Halloween activities.  I haven't been taking any pictures of our school time, I should really start, I guess I'm a little busy at the time.

I made a fun Halloween snack
I like making these crazy snacks, but unfortunately I can't get it planned ahead so on Halloween day at snack time I am doing a quick search to find something fun to make.  I guess it all works out, but it might have been easier if I knew what I was doing the day be fore.  It's just the way I am.

And of course we dressed up and went out trick-or-treating.  We drove all over the country side visiting all the Grandparents, Great Grandparent, Aunts & Uncles and this year the girls wanted to do a bit of walking around town too.  At the end of the night the girls were exhausted, we had to basically scrape them off the floor. 

Nollie the Butterfly

Luca the Dinosaur

Waverly the Care Bear

I love this picture and any picture that catches the girls looking at each other in a way that you wouldn't maybe notice in in everyday life.

I take photos at the beginning of the night and then my Mom gets her photos at the end of the night when everyone has smeared make-up, dirty faces and costumes and tired looks.  It'd be funny to see the comparison. 

Happy November!

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