Back to School 2017

I was ready but I wasn't. 
 I had purchased the curriculum, binder, and notebooks. 
 I had made numerous lists and brainstorming webs my program plan was in. 
 I'd printed copywork and worksheets.  

But all of the sudden it was the night before school and then the morning of.  
I wasn't ready for this.

I started the day with yoga and meditation, a shower and coffee.  
Me first so I had something to give to them.

There was no use putting it off, it was time for school.

We'll call it a soft start what we did, not to much work gets done on the first day in the public school either I guess.  Same same, but different.

 There was some colouring, some writing, copywork, and a mandatory quiet time after lunch.

 But there was time for trampoline, and Barbies and in the afternoon it was hot
 so we did a slip and slide.

Back to Homeschool
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