Christmas Party

We had Curt's Christmas Party on Saturday Night. It was a town Christmas party where a number of companies are together. We brought Nollie along with us since we don't really know anyone around here to watch her. She was really good though. She was so happy durring the comedian that she was talking and squeeling so her and I went to hang out in the lobby for most of his performance. She was even able to sleep with all the noise of the dance going on. Our first big meal of the Christmas season, delicious.

I always get worked up about what I will wear to events such as this. I left wearing a nice skirt and top and shoes that didn't really go, but oh well, who will notice right. What was I so worried about, I'm living in Provost. There was a guy there in his track pants, his best track pants I'm sure. There were lots of jeans with nice tops, many dresses and dress pants and of course there has to be atleast one girl who goes all out and wears an old prom or bridesmaid dress. I will try to remember next time not to get worked up about my apparel.


Anonymous said...

too funny marci - i think the "what do i wear to function x" is going to be a question for the ages even if it is a chrismtas party in a small town. i'm sure you looked just lovely for the party (although it's a shame you didn't rock that old maroon colored velour tracksuit you used to have).

jess d.

michelle said...

gotta love track our christmas party one of the employees asked why I didn't wear the same dress as I did to his and his wife's wedding [I guess obviously it would be both of their wedding] anyway...after changing three times at home I decided on casual but dressy ....funny thing was I had that dress on with pants but then decided it was a little to funky for me a dress & pants at the same time. May be next year we will have strict guidelines for dress at our Christmas party so there will be less stress in that department. see on the 26th

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