I didn't do this on purpose


I dressed Nollie first thing this morning and then later when she was sleeping I showered and got myself dressed. After she awoke while I was holding her I looked down and just started laughing. What are the odds that I would choose our only orange shirts for both of us. It was not intentional. I guess I was in an orange kind of mood.
Nollie tends to want attention right about the time that I'm making supper each night. I've tried different things to keep her happy so that I can get the job done including putting her in her highchair, putting her in the sling on my back and waiting until Curt gets home to make super. This was my solution for last night and it worked really well. She stayed happy and occupied sitting in the sink for the whole dinner preperation. I know this won't last long, soon she will not just sit there but try climbing out. I think I will try it again before then.


Anonymous said...

very cute marci - it's nice to see a photo of you on here too. i love nollie's slippers, it's good to see she's a good ole alberta gal.

jess d

Arleen Pischke said...

Very nice picture! Am really enjoying your BLOG. We're all excited to see you at Christmas. Girls say Nollie looks big (and very cute)and want to see her right now! Take care.


Anonymous said...

Aw, like mother like daughter!! You girls are so darn cute.

Curt's Christmas party story made me laugh...



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