Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas season. That you ate lots and spent time with your families. We had a great trip home. It was very busy running from one place to the next. Thank you to everyone who housed us, fed us, cleaned up after us and put up with our dogs. Yes, we brought our dogs with us, it was just too long to leave them alone. I became one of the people that I would look at and think "what is their problem?" I sat in the back seat while my Rufis rode shotgun. Wouldn't you just look into a car like that and shake your head. I just didn't trust him to sit next to Nollie the whole way. Nollie got a big kick out of Simon sitting next to her in the car, she giggled and gave him some pokes and hair pulls. Bringing the dogs along was a great way to keep active over the holidays though. We tried to walk them two to three times a day since they were tied up the whole time. There is no way I ever would have gone out that much without them. And I'm so glad the weather was so wonderfull, it would not have been fun if it was -30 outside. Nollie grew and changed so much in the time that we were gone. She started giving hugs and kisses (open mouth slobbers on the face), she started putting her arms up when she wanted to be picked up, she started eating solid food. So much fun. I've spent this week trying to get the house all put back together, laundry done, etc. It's only been partially successful but I'm getting there. I can see the entire kitchen table, completey cleaned off, its a wonderful sight. Happy Weekend to all.

Congrats to Court & Ryan on their engagement


Anonymous said...


Glad to hear you had a great holiday. We had a good time in MB, although Both TK and I were sick all through Christmas...oh well! At least we got catered to by my mom the whole time. Courtney looks almost as adorable as Nollie!! I have to phone you both...I've been out of touch!



Anonymous said...

Yay! a photo of Court!! this is the first one i've seen you know Courtney...

love jess d.

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