I was playing around today. Check this Video of Nollie out. It's pretty cute, I wouldn't pass it up.


Anonymous said...

Hey Marci, that little girl is pretty darn cute. Your shakey video added humor. I'm also curious what you did to cause such a reaction? We need a second video of Nollie's coach. Linda

Anonymous said...

Yay for video! it makes it a little bit easier not getting to see nollie regularly. She looks like a regular little party animal in her new year's pic, very cute!

Glad to hear you guys had such great holidays with all the fam.

love from halifax, j.

Anonymous said...

Hey Marci, just finished watching the video with Quinn. We both started laughing pretty hard when we got through it. Send all my love to Nollie and Curtis,
Love Shelby

Anonymous said...

Cute Little Baby Ya Got There. Keep Up The Good Work.
Love Uncle Jeff & Family

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