Nollie's New Potty

Here's Nollie hanging out on her new potty. She seems to like this better than the big toilet.


kdh said...


Anonymous said...

cute as a dang button as usual!thanks for the christmas card and photo of nollie (which is now on my fridge) - it's probably been in my mail box for awhile but i get lazy about checking it so didn't get it until yesterday. on topic of mail i sent you something in early jan - i hope you've gotten it in the mail?

life is good here - mooting on monday and not nearly as terrified as i was last year.

hugs and kisses to the buchan family, jess d

michelle said...

loved our little yellow potty too... enjoy the potty time...

Anonymous said...

oh Nollie - so cute on your little potty but you've been on that thing for a week and a half. any chance your mom is going to toss up some new photos of you and her?

miss you marci, jess d.

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