Been a long time

I'm back home now after visiting my family last week. It was great to get a visit with everyone. It's crazy how much Nollie changed in just a few days. We had so many new tricks to show dad when we got home. Nollie learned how to wave "hi", how to clap "yeah" and has been walking around holding our hands. She popped another tooth (that makes 6). And in the last week she got to try cookies and donuts (thanks to the grandparents). I'm working on getting another video to put up. It will be coming soon. I'm making bread today and it smells so good, I can't wait until it is ready. And I'm getting sick and tired of the winter. I just want it to be nice out so I can go outside.


kdh said...

Amazing how fast the kidlettes change hey? It seems like you close your eyes and they learn something new. Glad you had a good visit with your family...there's nothing better!

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