1'st shirt for Nollie


I finally took a picture of the first shirt that I sewed for Nollie. It was a little sloppy on the ribbing around the neck and arms but it was my first time trying this so that's OK. I think the embroidery fancies it up though. I haven't had a chance to sit down and sew anything else yet, where does the time go? Hopefully in the next few weeks I can get down to the sewing room again. I should take advantage of the remainder of winter before it's warm out and I want to spend all of my time in the garden.


Anonymous said...

That looks really cute! I have to fess up - the Hospital Aux. thrift shop opened up again last week. Only 3 books this time though - and a cute little T-shirt. Gertrude Weiss' daughter Nicole wants to get rid of all of her daughter Alison's baby clothes (she will be 3 in May) so I will see what she has. I also bought some bowls, spoons and cups so you won't have to haul yours around. And, I also got some fleece for a blanket for the new one. I guess I do have a bit of time though. And won't shopping in Mexico be fun! This Grandma thing is too cool.

Grandma B.

kdh said...

Gosh...she's sure growing up fast! Great job on the sewing...that's definately a talent that I haven't acquired. Aside from a couple really simple quilts that only involve sewing in a straight line, I haven't sewn since junior high home ec class. Would maybe like to start one day...in all my spare time. Have a good one.

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