A Week In The Bathroom

Caution! Some may find this to be too much information.

It all started on Tuesday. I was watching Nollie concentrating quite hard obviously having a bowel movement and I wondered why was watching her go in her diaper only to clean it up later. In an instant I scooped her up and off we went to the toilet. She had already started in her diaper but she finished her poop in the toilet. How awesome is this, pooping in the toilet is much better to clean up than poop that has been squished around in a diaper for some time. Two days later I caught her next bm before she had even started to go and it all went in the toilet, virtually no clean up. I've been trying to catch her pee's as well but that's a little more tricky. By the time I notice she's usually done. I have been sucessful however at catching some pee's, usually the one's right after she wakes up. For the most part she gets a kick out of going both #1 & #2 in the toilet giving a big smile afterwords.

I've since spent some time doing research on infant potty training (aka elimination communication, natural infant hygiene or going diaper free). This method is used in many cultures from birth and involves watching for cues that your baby has to go and then holding them over the toilet. It is something I heard about before but never saw myself doing. It really does take alot of time and attention. I've spent much of my week either holding Nollie over the toilet or watching her to see if she's going to go. Now I don't think I will go all out diaper free but if I can catch a few poops and pees in the toilet that would be great. So I have a little toilet on order and Nollie's spending alot of time with no clothes on her lower half. We will teach her the sign for toilet and try to catch as much as we can. We just caught another pee & poo in the toilet while writing this.


michelle said...

whoo hoo for you guys...Rory has been done with bm's in her diaper for a while and it is sure great....hopefully by the end of this month we can say farewell to diapers all together... I am going to ship the baby sign book to you hopefully early this week...let me know if there is anything else you need. have fun in the bathroom....a big basket of books helps to pass the time. good luck

krista said...

Good for you...I considered doing this with Grace, but it's tricky to do when i'm watching two kids. I should have done this with Taylor. Grace has however began showing extreme facination with the potty, and I think we will start sitting her on there throughout our day...maybe when Taylor has to use the toilet. I know Nollie's young, but it's amazing how potty training just comes. I didn't have to work to hard at it with Taylor...it kinda happened overnight. But not having to change diapers is GREAT!

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