56 km/h

56 km/h, not really all that fast. Just above the speed limit in town, half of highway speed. But I'm not talking about driving speed, I'm talking about wind speed. That is what it was like on the ranch this morning. You could hear the wind blowing all night. Even the locals thought it was windy today. Our patio furniture was slowly moving across our deck and I was starting to feel like Dorthy on the Wizard of Oz. Oh how I miss the protection of trees. I guess it will be an inside day.

The sun is shining bright though. All of this sunshine lately has got me thinking of Spring. I have been getting inspired to spring clean, organize and decorate. It's like I know that we're over the hump of winter and on the way back to long warm sunny days. It seems to have boosted my energy level, but maybe it's just the espresso maker I got from Jeff for Christmas that's boosting my energy, zzzing.


Anonymous said...

No sympathy here today - I think our winds were bursting up to 90 kmh. The roof blew off the Pembina pump station at buck Creek - it's a big roof. Only a few deads trees down in the neighborhood and nothing more than sticks in our yard. Really noisy in the middle of the night though. Margaret at the office lost her tarp and all her deck furniture off the deck at 2 in the morning. A little scary. but it was a special event here - not like the wind there. Now we await the deep freeze that is coming Wed. they say.
Smooches to giggly Nollie.
Grandma B.

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