Conscious Living

I've been trying to live more consciously lately. Conscious of the energy I'm using, conscious of the money I'm spending, of the chemicals I'm using, etc. I already use cloth diapers, hang my clothes to dry when I can, plant a vegetable garden, replace burnt out bulbs with CFL's and I'm not a big spender for the most part. There is however always room for improvement. I've since gone through the house and unplugged anything not in use, I put the TV, DVD Player, Nintendo, satellite on a power bar and turn it off when not in use (they all use power even when their off.) I'm cutting back on my trips to town to save on gas, I bought cloth bags for grocery shopping, I subscribed for e-billing on any bills that I could to cut down on paper, I've been looking into natural cleaners. I've started a price book to keep better track of grocery prices (I can never remember what items cost so when I see a sale or see it at another store I'm not sure if it's a good deal). Just today I took out a needle and thread and sewed up the seam on my slippers that had come apart rather than ditching them for a new pair. I'm always looking for new ways to save money or cut down on waste, energy, gas etc. but I'm always looking for the easy way I'm not willing to go out and make big change like some of the people who's blogs I've been reading. The "No Impact Man" has shut off his electricity, given up all plastic (I still haven't figured that one out I mean it's virtually everywhere), eats only items grown locally, doesn't drive or even take public transit anywhere, and I believe he's given up toilet paper, the list goes on. It's only for a year but how many other people would do it. There's another group trying to reduce their carbon emissions to 90% below the American average. Less electricity, water, garbage, gas, eating locally, less consumer goods. I'm not going that far but reading about their journey inspires me to make my own small changes.


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