Rainy Days

There's nothing like a couple rainy days to work on inside projects. Sunday it rained hard and steady all day long and yesterday it started raining after lunch (seconds after I got my clothes off the line) and rained into the evening. I used this time to finish up a few tasks that needed to be completed in the house, a slide show for my grandparents 50th anniversary, some scrapbooking etc. If it wern't for the computer I could have been so much more productive though. We've decided to turn off the satellite for the summer because really who needs to be sitting inside watching TV when it's nice out. My extra time has however been spent on the computer, not exactly what I had in mind. While I'm on the computer Nollie keeps herself busy pulling books off the shelf, taking CD's out of cases, flipping through magazines, pulling anything off the desk she can reach and if I let her she'd be chewing on the computer cords under the desk, so when computer time is over I usually have a monster mess to clean up in the computer room. That's my payment I guess, plus Nollie can only handle so much of me being on the computer before she gets antsy so she prevents me from getting stuck for too long.

I went to Wainwright for groceries yesterday and stuck to my budget. I knew exactly what I needed to buy and had a good idea of how much everything would cost and at the end of the trip my total was dead on. Nollie stayed happy through both Walmart & Extra Foods and my $15 off coupon covered my gas to get there so all in all it was a great trip. It's too sad that a trip to Walmart & Extra Foods is an exciting day out for me.


Anonymous said...

Any plans for visiting out here this summer?

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