A Relaxing Walk

It was nearing 11:00 this morning and I was running out of time. I had wanted to go for a walk in the morning because if we wait until after lunch Nollie naps and often by the time she gets up it's getting dark and close to supper time. Simon needed a walk, and the fact that my back had been bothering me again the last couple days reminded me that I too needed some exercise. Nollie was still in her PJ's, "NO" was the answer I got when I asked about getting dressed or she just ignored me, no need for a fight. Now was the perfect time for a walk, Luca had a fresh diaper on and had just eaten and it's about as warm as it's going to get for the morning (14.5'C) "Nollie do you want to go for a walk?" "Walk, outside" was her response. "OK, you have to get dressed first." She got up from her toys, excellent I'll go get her clothes. I went downstairs to get her clothes and came up with pant, shirt, sweater, socks, snowpants, toque, coat, mitts, Luca's snowsuit & toque. "OK, Nollie lets go pee and get dressed so we can go outside." She ignores me, "Come on Nollie, do you want to go outside for a walk?" "Walk, nopants (snowpants)" was her response. I get her pants off and sit her on the toilet. Luca's crying, I find her abandoned in the hallway where I left her to go get Nollie, I guess she's not happy with this. Oh, Nollie's done now, put Luca back down and she starts crying again. "A poop! lets wipe you bum." I get that done and deal with the mess in the potty. "Come on Nollie, you have to put your diaper on, no don't sit on that chair, you need your diaper on" I tackle Nollie's diaper on and she takes off again, I can't take Luca's crying so I go rescue her from the hallway and cuddle her, she stops immediately. "Nollie, lets put your pants on so we can go for a walk." She ignores me. I put Luca down, she starts crying, and tackle Nollie into her pants. Nollie picks up her snowpants and I manage to get her all dressed up and ready to go outside. I then pick up crying Luca and put her into her snowsuit, she does not appreciate this. I carry Luca down to the back door and put her on the floor, she cries, she looks like a starfish, arms & legs going strait out unable to move in her suit. I go back upstairs for Nollie, there's no way she could make it down the stairs with all her gear on, however if she did she likely wouldn't get hurt with all the padding. Put Nollie's boots on, grab my coat and hat and go out to put Nollie in the stroller. I love my stroller with an extra toddler seat in the front for Nollie but it was not made for kids in full winter gear with big winter boots on. I struggle to get her feet through the holes. Back inside to get Luca, she's calming down now, getting sleepy, and put her in the stroller, cover her with blankets and at 11:25 we're off. All of this for a 20 minute walk. Was it worth it? Sure, I got some exercise, we all got some fresh, crisp air, Simon got a walk and I feel like I accomplished something. Once everyone was in the stroller there was no crying and we only had to stop 5 times to put Nollie's mitts back on.


Anonymous said...

lol! This was funny...only 'cause I can related so well! It takes us longer to get ready to go outside than we spend outside. I can only imagine how next winter will be when I have to bundle up three kids! It's a good thing the fresh air makes me feel so good!


Anonymous said...

when i babysat J Ginnell's two (and they were like 4 and 6 at the time) i could not believe the amount of time it took us to go from being fed breakfast to getting out the door. J.D.

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