Comes With the Kids

There's a couple of things I have noticed that just come along with having kids. Laundry, the laundry seems to never stop, just the day after I do it all the laundry the basket is full again. I'm still not sure how mom kept up with doing laundry for seven of us. The second is getting sick. I think we've spent more time as a family sick this winter than healthy. Nollie & Luca both have running noses & coughs right now, it seems like we just got rid of the last batch. I'm doing lots of hand washing hoping that I don't get sick this time.

House Progress: We got word today that our floor system and exterior walls will be coming next week. AHH!! We've been waiting for lots of things to get going lately and it seems that now everything is going to happen all at once. Curt got the majority of the backfilling done last weekend but there's still a bit to do. We still have some work to do on the basement walk out walls before we can put the main level floor system on. Once the floor's done we can push up the walls. Hopefully the weather will warm up soon so we don't have to work in the cold. Brrr. Luca is not agreeing with taking a bottle so my time helping on the house is quite limited. I'm sure will get in there some day but right now it seems like it will be forever.


kdh said...

Marci...I totally get the 'taking forever' feeling. Four months ago I was there, waiting for our new place to all come together. Waiting for power, and water and our home! It's so worth it though! Keep your eye on the big picture!!

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