One Wall Up

I think we are finally over our Winter of sickness. Other than a little dribbly nose Nollie seems to be in much better spirits. She is back running around, eating like crazy and she has taken to screeching. She seems to enjoy it but the rest of us just cringe. Luca is now officially rolling over from back to front every time we put her down and has accidentally gone from front to back a couple times. I think she is going to be a busy one trying to keep up to her sister.

Nollie & Luca & I took a trip into the city to get together with a couple of my bestest girlfriends this weekend. It was such a great weekend. Its always great to get together with good friends. I even got some help going to the mall to get some new pants, what a treat. Mostly we just hung out and enjoyed each others company. It was so great to see you two (and Tom).

Sunday I came home to see the first wall being pushed up on our house. It put a little skip in my step. I was able to stand & look out my bedroom window for the first time. This weekend we will push up the rest of the walls. Thanks again to everyone that has helped us so far. We really appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

What a fun weekend. It made my month : )

Cute pics! House is really starting to take shape!

Missing you all & hoping we can do it again soon!


Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun Marci - it was so nice to finally see you and V and have a proper visit; this whole going to school on the opposite side of the country definitely has some drawbacks...

Love, J.

Stacey said...

Well said.

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