April Snow

Friday afternoon we were very thankful for our decision to hire a shingler to shingle our house. Early last week we were looking at the amount of time that we had in the next couple weeks to work on the house and realizing that it was April and we were starting the rainy season and we made the decision to hire a shingler. Curt made some calls & since we already had the shingles we were able to find someone that could do it right away, at a price we were happy with. It was so exciting to go out to the house each night and see progress, when we were not the ones physically doing it. We got a taste of what it would be like to have someone building our house for us, rushing home each night to see what had been done.

So Friday when the snow started to fly we were breathing a sigh of relief. Yesterday when the 30ish cm's of snow finally stopped we went out to the house to shovel out the snow. Not too much longer before we have the windows & doors in and the weather is no longer a concern for us working on the house.

Happy 1/2 year birthday to Luca, she's now 6 months old!
Luca is our little mover now, she rolls around and is getting her bum up in the air in preparation for crawling. If you leave her on the floor she will likely not be in the same place when you get back. She wants to get places and fast. She is sitting up on her own now too. She has started eating solids, yikes. I'm not sure I'm ready for the hassle of worrying about food for her. It's alot easier knowing all the food she needs is with me anywhere I go, no preparation needed. The first 6 months has gone by much faster with Luca then I remember with Nollie.


Anonymous said...

The kiddies are getting cuter every day, cannot believe what a red-head little miss Luca is looking like! Can't wait to see you guys again (this summer sometime, I hope).

Love, jess D

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