A Month Has Gone

Wow, I knew I was getting bad but I didn't realize that a month had gone by since my last post.

Easter was fun for us this year. Nollie was vibrating with excitement as she went around collecting eggs and eating the chocolate within. Jeff deep fried us a turkey for dinner. It looks bad but it was just the BBQ sauce that burnt on the outside, the inside was delicious.

Turning into such a little girl. She loves colouring, playing with stickers, potato head, playing with her guys (Fisher Price Little People), play dough, puzzles, etc. She has recently started wanting to go outside alot, this is great because it forces me to get out there too. She talks like crazy and is getting her manners with lots of please, thank you & your welcomes. She is getting better at sharing with Luca although she needs lots of reminders. She enjoys making Luca laugh. My favorite thing to watch is Nollie and Luca just laughing at each other, I'll have to get a video of it on here.

Growing like a weed, I'm constantly going through clothes taking out the ones that are too small and putting in larger ones. She has starting eating some pablum and is ravenous about it. She lurches at the food like she would starve if she didn't get it this second. She loves making noises and any toy or object that makes noises. She would be happy now if you could give her a steady supply of new items to check out. She's tired of the same old toys she's been playing with. I think she's getting frustrated because she just wants to be able to move. She is rolling around but she wants to get at all the cool stuff that's just out of reach. I must say the first 5 1/2 months have gone by much faster with Luca that they did with Nollie.

The House
It was so exciting to see the roof pannels going onto the house a month ago it felt like we were going so fast. Now I just can't wait to be done with anything related to roofing. I had no idea that all the extra work on the roof would take so long. Working on the house was a little more challenging with both girls out there and only Curt & I working. I couldn't wear Luca in the carrier since I was up and down the ladder and pushing up trusses etc. and until recently it was just a little cool for Nollie to be outside for too long. With mitts on she couldn't do anything and without her hands got too cold. We now have the Buchan's camper trailer out there so we have a place to get out of the wind for lunch and a place for Nollie to nap. This weekend we were working on all the overhangs. Next we will have to sheet the garage and then we can shingle.


Anonymous said...

Nice post Marci! Very cute pics of your girls, and as far as I can see, there is major progress on your house every time.

Happy Spring to you all!

Lindsay (Jess' sista)

Anonymous said...

Hey Marsha!

Great to see an update! Your photos are fantastic! I miss the little ones so I guess that means we'll have to come visit soon.



Anonymous said...

Aww - Nollie always looks so HAPPY in your photos (maybe you are only putting up those ones though?). I like the photo on facebook of you and Shelb trying on your (sexy) bridesmaids dresses and you can see Nollie in the foreground looking like she's going full-speed and screeching her head off.

Luca looks cute, too. But you know me - I got game with the toddlers, not so much the infants.

Love jess d

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