Summer Update

OK, I know I've been delinquent here lately. Now how do I possibly sum up the last few fun filled months for you all.

Some Important Dates

June 27 - Shelby's Grad
June 28 - Courtney & Ryan's Wedding

June 29 - Curt's 28th Birthday
July 4 - Nollie's 2nd Birthday
( I made the butterfly cake myself)

Luca Update
My feisty little girl. She may be the little sister but she can put up a fight. She's crawling all over and that means getting into all Nollie's stuff. She's eating "real" food now and loves everything. I've started sleeping the two girls in the same room and it's starting to work. There is often some playing and giggling but eventually they both do go to sleep.

Nollie Update

My chatty little girl. She is learning so much every day. She loves play-dough, colouring, playing in her kitchen, her dolls, books playing outside.

Curt Update

The words I've heard most from Curt "we can have fun next summer" His life is working, time with his girls & working on the house.
Marci Update
I spend my weekdays hanging out with my girls & my weekends working on the house. I've been trying to fit some time in for reading lately & have been inspired by The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule to do some cross stitching. I keep intending to get some sewing done but I can't seem to get past the looking at patterns & fabric. I can't wait for a time when I have all my sewing stuff just set up and ready to work on & don't have to dig out a bin to see my supplies.

House Update

Interior framing is complete

Electrical is in the works
Plumbing drains are roughed in

Septic system is in

Well is drilled & pump is in well

Water, Gas & Power all trenched to the house

Garage & Bsmt are leveled & we'll be prepping for cement

Cabinets are ordered


Krista said...

Sounds busy! I love Curtis' comment, 'cause Andrew feels like that sometimes too. He's working a ton and then all other time is spent trying to get a yard...but when it's all done, it'll be so enjoyable. Glad to see that you guys are all doing well.

Anonymous said...

Busy family! I can't get over how similar Court and Shelby look in those two top photos; I had never noticed that before.
Jess D

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